Frequently Ask Questions

Wesabi Frequently Asks Questions, here are answers to some popular questions from our customers.

Wesabi helps you to find reliable and skilled artisans in your neighbourhood and to manage your tasks appointments. This service is also available in your customer login, as well as the Wesabi App on the Google play store. We fully understand, that there might appear be some questions on the way to your first service appointment, and also afterwards. Therefore we hope, that the following most frequently asked question help you to overcome the final obstacles.

Booking a service

How do I post a task?

Tell us what you need to be done - repairs, installation or cleaning. It is free to post via the website & mobile App. Provide detailed information including landmarks of location when task is expected to be executed

I posted my task, what's next?

After booking one of our WesabiPros through the website or App, you will receive a confirmation email. Here you have the possibility to check all booking details. If you fail to receive a booking confirmation, please turn off the (Do Not Disturb - DND) on your phone setting, check your spam folder and contact our customer care afterwards. You will have the full overview of your booking by loggin in your customer dashboard. Use the "log in" button in the upper right menu on our website.

What dates and times can I book a service?

WesabiPros are available Mondays to Saturdays between 6:00am and 7:00pm. Bookings can be made at anytime of day or night via the app or website- however after 7pm at night the earliest booking that can be made for the next day will be for the morning.

What can I do when my login into my customer dashboard failed?

A login only works with your registered mobile number or email address.

What happens if during the service I would like additional tasks performed?

If you would like additional tasks performed on your service, you may simply speak with your service worker or speak to Wesabi using our online chat service or call Wesabi on +234 907 646 4645 during business hours to request your additional tasks. You will be provided with a quote to confirm before any charges to your wallet are made.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

We understand that schedules change and life happens. Changes or cancellations made on short notice will lead to a fine in form of fare for the artisan. Please use your customer dashboard for any kind of rescheduling or cancellation of booking orders. This policy is put in place to protect the worker from loss of income.

Price & Invoice

How much does a Task cost?

The services cost for each task varies. The price can differ by city or booking type. Not to worry, our workers give very fair prices. For every referral you make to friends, you receive N200 in your e-wallet. Please know that most services require consultation before a charge is given.

How do I pay for a service?

You can choose to either pay online, bank transfer or cash, however we recommend you pay electronically. Be rest assured that WesabiPro is not paid until you are fully satisfied.

How is the cost of labour decided?

Our prices are fair and it includes labour and transportation charges. Prices may vary upon inspection, depending on the type and scope of work. We suggest you first agree to the quotation from the Wesabi-Pro before work begins at your location.

Any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Once your order is confirmed, an electronic invoice is sent to you. You receive a detailed invoice with all the particulars of your order which you can submit together with VAT; which can be as little as N50.

Do I receive an Invoice?

You will receive an email at the email address you provided upon booking within 24hrs after the execution of your order. The Invoice contains details of your items, quantity and price required to complete your task.

What exactly is covered in the minimum visiting charges?

Our visiting charge is not a charge that you pay to us but to the Wesabi-Pro who has invested time, effort and commuting fares so as to fulfill your appointment.

Can I tip the cleaning professional?

Of course you can tip the WesabiPro, but you are not obligated to do so.

Service delivery process

Do I have to be at home during the execution of my task?

It is up to you whether you wish to be present and supervise the worker, or alternatively leave specific instructions for the worker to follow in your absence. Our service aims at providing you with more freedom in your daily routine and not less. WesabiPros strive to exceed expectations, but we encourage you to also communicate your preferences clearly to the worker to ensure satisfactory results.

What happens if the task takes more or less time than projected?

In case a WesabiPro needs more time to complete a task according to our/your standards, you will be informed about that early enough and can decide if you want to hire the WesabiPro for longer period than the estimated time.

How and when can I give feedback on the service rendered by a WesabiPro?

Shortly after the completion of your task order, you get an email notification from our customer service asking you to review the job done by rating the WesabiPro assigned to you, so we can continuously improve our service. In case you have any comments, we are always looking forward to hear them. Call +234 907 646 4645 or send an email to

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the quality of service?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We welcome any feedbacks you may have concerning your order. If you are dissatisfied with the service performance, please let us know within 48 hours after the job is completed. We will exhaust all options to find a lasting solution.

Does Wesabi offer re-work and warranty?

We offer 7 days rework warranty on installations and repair services. If you have arranged any material from a Wesabi-Pro, please ensure you also take the material bill/receipt and warranty proof from the Wesabi-Pro directly. You may raise any concern to our customer contact center on 09076464645. However, there is price guide on the website and App to help you confirm market prices of materials or parts quoted/billed. Also directions to where you can buy them yourselves.

Can I contact the Worker directly?

We strongly advice customers not to contact WesabiPro directly. This measure serves to protect you/customer in the event of a poor service/conflict/theft or damages to your property. Always contact Wesabi!

About WesabiPros

How Reliable & Trustworthy are your Workers?

They are recommended to us - either by homeowners, master artisans/craftsmen, certified vocational centers or by our already vetted workers. Hence, they are not randomly picked. All WesabiPros are tested carefully for their functional skills, background-checked thoroughly for any a criminal record before they are boarded into Wesabi. We personally talk to each and every applicant, check their qualifications in a test task and ensure security through collecting their IDs. Every Wesabi-Pro has a valid ID-card so you confirm his identity before letting him in or you get to view his profile via the Mobile App or your Web-Dashboard. 60% of our workers are City & Guilds and/or Nabteb Certified. Wesabi-Pros are skilled freelancers. On top of all this, you are able to trust the feedback and comments of other customers who have used the WesabiPro previously and rated them according to their performance. All ratings and reviews can be seen on each worker's profile.

Can I choose the gender of my WesabiPro?

Please let us know that you would prefer either a male or female WesabiPro in the "Describe your task*" field of your booking. We will do our best to find a WesabiPro with the required skills.

Can I book the same WesabiPro again?

Generally, it can be easily arranged to have the same WesabiPro for you on a regular basis. If you are very satisfied with the performance of the person you booked, just let us know and we will schedule the service for you recurrently. In case your preferred WesabiPro is unavailable to carry out your task, we will definitely seek out another qualified WesabiPro from our pool of professionals.

How can I become a WesabiPro?

You can apply directly on our website or Android app, send an email to or you call +234 907 646 4645 to discuss further requirements.

Are the WesabiPros insured in case of damage/accident?

Our experienced WesabiPros make great efforts to fulfill their tasks to your satisfaction. In the event of damage, we will take over the full resolution of the case, with a coverage policy in the amount of up to N1,000,000. In this case we will naturally assist you and the WesabiPro with help and advice.