Covid-19 Update

Our stance in responding to COVID-19 in Lagos and Abuja

Wesabi Stance in responding to COVID-19 in Lagos and Abuja

The wellbeing of our customers, our Pros, and our staff is our #1 priority. As a service-run platform, we are taking especially stringent measures to keep everyone healthy and safe within the Wesabi community, Pros/staff and customers alike.

We are following best practice guidelines on the coronavirus response from formally accredited websites such as the NCDC ( and WHO. Wesabi professionals are aware of and are following preventive measures, including frequent and thorough handwashing and avoiding crowds.

Please note that Pros who are responsible for any serious infractions, or are consistently receiving low ratings or complaints, will be immediately removed from the Wesabi platform and will not be eligible to receive job requests in the future.

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Our Operational Guidelines for following best practices of Hygiene and Social Distancing

We are continuing to provide services; however, we are making a few changes to best protect the health of our Pros and our Customers:

  • Any Pros or staff who have symptoms of fever or cough (OR any of their family members) are mandated not to attend work;
  • All our Pros have face masks if the customer requests that one be used. This will help with covering their nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing during a service. We also recommend using a tissue or one’s elbow if not using a mask — even for our customers — then discarding the tissue immediately.
  • We’re also advising all our Pros to refrain from handshakes, so please don’t take offense! :)

From the beginning, our mission at Wesabi has been to provide meaningful careers, work opportunities and capacity-building for informal sector workers. In challenging times like this, our mission is more important than ever. Our team is working around the clock to create a safe working environment for our Pros and our Customers, and also to help make sure that our Pros are informed and rapidly trained on how to operate in a world of recommended social distancing.

We also request that our customers, too, take the same precautions to not put anyone at risk: if you or any member of your family are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms — or even a runny nose — please do not book any request.

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How can I support a WESABI-Pro?

Our mission at Wesabi is to provide informal workers with consistent and dependable job opportunities. As part of this commitment, we’ve taken necessary measures to ensure all Pros can deliver jobs safely to our clients. We’ve trained our Pros on COVID-19 spread and prevention and provided them with masks and sanitizers to keep everyone safe.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the uncertainty of job and income security is a reality that wage workers worldwide are experiencing. Alternatives to working-from-home do not exist for informal workers in this space. The best way to support our workers at this time is to order services on our platform, this ensures that informal workers have a dependable income stream.

How Customer can Support Wesabi Pro